Ananda In The Himalayas

Shower & Spa at Amatrra Spa

at Amatrra Spa, Hotel Le Meridean, New Delhi

Starting Price : USD 120 / Euro 85

Amatrra defines itself as the silence that occurs during meditation, between recurrent chants of Om. In the context of the Spa, Amatrra stands for the opportunity to physically unlock and balance positive and negative, internal and external energies naturally in harmony with the Cosmos, as a step towards self-realization.

Amatrra is the first Spa to have recognized, researched and utilized the ancient knowledge source of Astroscience to customize every single detail within the spa; from its ambience to the therapies, from its health food menu to its product line in beauty and health care.

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Amatrra Spa60 Minutes Spa
At Amatrra Spa, Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi

Package Inclusions:
. Traditional Welcome - Amatrra Welcome with Tilak with a healing Mantra.
. Welcome Drink on Arrival - A healthy Spa drink
. Consultation with our Spa Consultant - A body constitution analysis to customize / prescribe the therapy as per the individual's "prakriti".
. Meditation - To balance the positive & negative energies within us & create harmony between man & universe.
. Treatment of 60min- Spa (spa menu mentioned below).
. Herbal Tea - Tea of your choice to restore the energy back in your body.
. Lunch/Dinner - Buffet meal (available in "Veg" or "Non-Veg") at coffee shop "The One".
. Present applicable Taxes.

Package Exclusions :
. Meals other than those specifies in the itinerary
. Entrance Fees, Special guides, Camera fees & tips
. Things of personal nature like laundry, telephone etc.
. Inland/International flight charges
. All other than those listed in above inclusions


Abhyanga - Oil application
Technique - A full body Ayurvedic massage done in a classical kerala style by one therapist using warm, medicated herbal oil. Benefits - This treatment enhances body suppleness, induces sleep and relaxes you physically.

Choorna Swedanam - Heat revival by herbal powder
Technique - Special herbal powders are bound into a muslin pouch, soaked in warm medicated oils and applied externally in a full body massage.
Benefits - This therapy is useful in treating generalized body pain, stiff joints and similar ailments.

Tan Lepam - Herbal body wrap
Technique - This sensuous full body treatment begins with fragrant oil being dripped on the base on the spine, followed by an earth mineral scrub. The body is covered in Tan Lepa paste and banana leaves, ends with a warm shower and flower lotion.
Benefits - Revitalizes energy flows, improve circulation & skin tone.


Stockholm - Classical Swedish massage
Technique - Traditional European massage incorporating light kneading from toe to forehead, followed by a face massage.
Benefits - This popular massage soothes and relaxes your body and relieves stress.

Globe Trotter - Travel recovery massage
Technique - This massage concentrates primarily on the back, neck, shoulders and the scalp.
Benefits - This treatment stimulates circulation, loosens tight muscles and relieves fatigue.

Wild Flower - Aroma Therapy
Technique - Massage combines the potency of fragrance with the healing power of touch in an aromatic experience encompassing the usage of essentials oils.
Benefits - Helps one to relax after a day at work, energizes for another long day.

Island Exotica - Hour long Balinese massage
Technique - A Traditional Balinese massage performed using long strokes and skin-rolling movements in a deep pressure treatment.
Benefits - Helps relieve tension and improve circulation.

International Olympian - Sports massage
Technique - This vigorous massage involves deep, percussive massage movements and usage of aromatic oils like lavender & rosemary.
Benefits - It revitalizes & relaxes muscles fatigued by sports. This treatment is highly invigorating, increases circulation & restores restricted movements.

Ocean Treasure - Seaweed Body Mask
Technique - This full body treatment uses a specially prepared warm seaweed application, rich in minerals combined with aromatic oils and sea salts
Benefits - This bath detoxifies, restores your sense of well being, tones your circulation and leaves your skin feeling fresh and nourished.

Sparkle - Body scrub
Technique - The entire body is treated to a healing exfoliation using a lavender and walnut combine, followed by a warm shower and a soothing Jacoba lavender oil treatment.
Benefits - A smooth, glowing and refreshed body.

Aura - Body Glow
Technique: A Vitamin and mineral enriched body mask is administered on the skin following a stimulating body scrub
Benefits - The treatment assures the eliminating of all traces of dryness, redefining skin texture and complexion

Oriental Body Glow -Traditional Thai body scrub
Technique: A natural body-rub made of honey and sesame seeds
Benefits - Gently tones the body surface leaving it fresh and vibrant

Nector - Honey steam wrap
Technique - Begins with a deep cleansing, exfoliating treatment through the application of granulated sea salts. Honey is then applied all over the body, followed by a steam bath which enables the natural and moisturizing properties of honey to rejuvenate the skin
Benefits - Honey helps nourish and moisturize the skin after exfoliation

Sunshine - Body Rub
Technique - An exfoliation treatment prepared by combining natural spices, herbs and yoghurt, gently rubbed on to the skin followed by application of a scented moisturizer
Benefit - A taut and rejuvenated skin surface

Coral Chorus - Algae Wrap
Technique - Gentle skin brushing and exfoliation is followed by an enzyme and mineral enriched Seaweed Algae Gel Wrap and a luxurious deep scalp massage
Benefit - Ensures a boosting of metabolic rate and elimination of toxins

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