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Taj green cove is one of India's most popular beaches, Kovalam; the property is spread across 10 acres of land, offering a breathtaking view of the backwater, lush landscapes, coconut palms, and unspoiled beaches. With its exotic tropical beauty and relaxing hospitality, this getaway is the perfect place to enjoy relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind, body, and soul. Taj Green Cove Resort is located just 12 km from Trivandrum airport and 14 km from the station.

The philosophy of Taj Spa is inherently rooted in India's ancient approach to wellness. Inspired by traditional Indian healing wisdom, we believe that a spa unfolds a holistic path of life that opens out channels to nurture one's life force. Taj Spa embraces a deep understanding of mind, body and spirit; their individual needs and their interdependences.

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Spa Tour - Taj Green Cove - Kovalam

Taj green cove is one of India's most popular beaches, Kovalam; the property is spread across 10 acres of land, offering a breathtaking view of the backwater, lush landscapes, coconut palms, and unspoiled beaches. With its exotic tropical beauty and relaxing hospitality, this getaway is the perfect place to enjoy relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind, body, and soul. Taj Green Cove Resort is located just 12 km from Trivandrum airport and 14 km from the station.

The philosophy of Taj Spa is inherently rooted in India's ancient approach to wellness. Inspired by traditional Indian healing wisdom, we believe that a spa unfolds a holistic path of life that opens out channels to nurture one's life force. Taj Spa embraces a deep understanding of mind, body and spirit; their individual needs and their interdependences. The ethos of thier carefully recreated treatments is drawn on the rich and ancient wellness heritage of India, the fabled lifestyle and culture of Indian Royalty and the healing therapies that embrace Indian spirituality. Their spa experiences are offered by trained experts, using exclusive natural products in a fresh and harmonious design setting. With Taj Spa, you undertake the journey within, through an array of enlivening holistic treatments, meaningful rituals and ceremonies for a truly calming experience.

Includes changing rooms, for men and women, with lockers, change and shower facilities, robes, slippers, towels and personal amenities. Our wet area encompasses a steam, a shower, and a hot-and-cold Jacuzzi open to the sky, with a panoramic view of the ocean.

The Spa is open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

o We recommend that men shave a few hours prior to a facial treatment.
o Avoid shaving or waxing one day prior to body scrubs.
o For greater comfort during spa treatments, you may prefer to remove hearing aids, spectacles or contact lenses.
o Please note certain muds/oils used during some treatments may stain the skin or clothing.
o Rest and avoid vigorous activity for at least one hour after treatments.
o Drink water before and after all treatments.
o Guests with high blood pressure, heart conditions, who are pregnant or have any medical complications, are advised to consult    their doctors before signing up for any spa treatments/services. Please inform your spa therapist of any medical conditions.
o Entry to Taj Spa is at guest's own risk, although strict policies and procedures are implemented to maximise safety. Taj Spa, its    employees and representatives will not be held liable or accountable for any incident experienced by any person entering the    premise and/or undergoing spa treatments.

Signature Treatments

These treatments are exclusive to Taj Spa and have been carefully recreated from the fabled lifestyle and culture of Indian Royalty and the healing therapies that embrace Indian spirituality.

JIVANIYA Invigorate Duration - 02Hrs
An energising treatment to relieve muscular tension and improve blood circulation. This treatment includes an exfoliating herbal scrub, a heat-stimulating wrap of exotic spices and herbs from the hills of India, followed by a revitalising massage.

SHUDHIKARA Detoxifying Duration - 02Hrs
A unique combination of therapies used to purify the system. A lymphatic drainage massage, a wholesome cleansing scrub and a plantain leaf wrap will leave you with a feeling of lightness.

SAMA Balance Duration - 100 mins
A special Yoga experience to help you attain poise and equilibrium in mind and body. A sequence of 'Asanas' (mind and body postures) gently stretch and relax your muscles, while Pranayama (controlled breathing techniques) make you aware of your breath and help clear your thoughts. This is followed by Trataka (focused gazing at a steady flame) for enhanced concentration. End the session with Yoga Nidra (a state of conscious deep sleep) which unfolds an exquisitely calm state of mind and body. You emerge from the experience refreshed, balanced and with a heightened sense of well-being.

PEHLWAN MALISH Indian Powerful Oil Massage Duration - 90 mins
For centuries, Indian wrestlers have taken powerful massages. Experience this traditional vigorous massage with either Taj Signature Aromatherapy oil or mustard oil, which is extremely good for the skin, and relieves aching, sore and tense muscles.

CHANDANA Skin Soother Duration - 45 mins
Traditionally used in the tropics, pure Sandalwood paste and Aloe Vera are known for their cooling and nourishing effects on the skin. Once the paste is applied, your body is wrapped in soft organic linen for a richly nurturing experience. This soothing after sun treatment will leave your skin healthy and refreshed.

Indian Therapies

Taj Spa presents traditional therapies inspired by the rich and ancient wellness heritage of India and rituals of Indian royalty.

SAMMARDANA Indian Deep Tissue Massage Duration - 60 mins
A customised technique of muscle massage performed by specially-trained hands, which works on your deep-seated stress. Experience enhanced mobility of joints and let a deep sense of relief fill you.

PADA MARDANA Indian Foot Massage Duration - 60 mins
A sublime massage treatment performed on the soles of your feet to create a profoundly relaxing experience. This treatment benefits the entire body by stimulating the reflex zones of the feet. A royal extra vagance for weary feet.

PRISHTA MARDANA Back Treatment Duration - 60 mins
The first casualties of a stressful life are the shoulders and back, resulting in pain and tension. This treatment has been created to eliminate stress and bring relief through an ultimate back and deep shoulder massage. Taj spa treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation steam and the application of an herbal mask. Ideal for sore back muscles.

CHAMPI Indian Head Massage Duration - 45 mins
This luxuriant hair invigorating treatment is believed to promote hair growth, restore the natural sheen and glossiness of the hair fibre. Taj signature blend of traditional ingredients such as Amla, Brahmi, Jatamansi, Curry leaves and Neem are known to propagate long-lasting and enriching benefits. This massage releases muscular tension from the head, neck and shoulders, creating a deep sense of relaxation and joy as well as clarity of thought.

Indian Aromatherapy

Aromatic oil blends from Ayurveda Pharmacopoeias have been carefully chosen for these treatments, which have powerful healing properties. All ingredients used for these treatments are native to India. Choose from our selection of specially prepared signature oil blends to meet your need of the day.

VISHRAM Relaxation Massage Duration - 60 mins
A full-body relaxing massage to melt away your stress. Alternating palm and thumb strokes, skilled hands gently work on your tired and sore muscles. Fragrant signature oil blends with the richness of Kewda, Frankincense and Brahmi, infused in Sandalwood and Sesame are used for this massage to release tension, bringing ease and tranquility to your entire system.

ORJA DAYAKA Energising Massage Duration - 60 mins
A deep-muscular massage to lift your spirits and revive your inner vitality. A special blend of oil, laced with fragrances of Nagarmotha, Patchouli, Tulsi and Ashwagandha, will work on your deep-seated aches, releasing trapped nerves and balancing the flow of energy in your body. Every joint, muscle and sinew will pulse with new-found vigour.

PAVITHRI Lymphatic Drainage Duration - 60 mins
A unique blend of oils with the goodness of Tulsi, Ginger and Lime, combined with the lymphatic drainage technique, works from within, eliminating toxins and refining the whole system. Cleansed anew, you will face the world again revived and re-energised.

Scrubs and Wraps

Indulge in the relaxing, exfoliating and nourishing properties of Taj scrubs and wraps, each exclusively prepared from the natural goodness of fresh fruits, vegetables, Indian herbs, sea salts and pure essential oils. The healing properties will cleanse, moisturise and refresh your skin, producing a natural glow. An exfoliating and cleansing scrub is applied and the treatment is completed with a wrap, which nourishes your skin and draws out impurities. Scrubs can be taken individually and are highly recommended as an additional spa treatment before a body massage for better absorption of the massage oil. Body wraps are best taken after a scrub to encourage better results from the nourishing effects of the mask.

NARIKELA House Favourite Duration - 45 mins
Coconut, a household ingredient in India, has many uses to its name. As a natural skin softener, it has been used for centuries. We will gently exfoliate and moisturise your body with a mix of ingredients. This all-over treatment has a cooling effect on the body.

MASALA Spice Scrub Duration - 45 mins
For this invigorating treatment, a traditional mixture of Indian spices is used to promote deep cleansing, relieve muscular soreness, and improve blood circulation, leaving you refreshed and recharged.

PRITHVI MRIT Earth's Nectar Duration - 45 mins
This rich detoxifying and firming wrap is made from 22 exotic Indian herbs and clay. Its therapeutic properties tighten the skin and leave it with a radiant, youthful glow. Excellent for all skin types.

MOCHA PATRA Plantain Leaf Wrap Duration - 45 mins
This unique treatment uses the healing properties of the plantain leaf to purify the skin. It eliminates toxins by opening the pores and inducing sweating, thereby restoring the skin's natural vitality. It is completed with the application of a skin nourisher to leave you renewed.


Taj products are made of natural ingredients, exclusively developed for use at Taj Spa. They are crafted with an inherent understanding of the therapeutic goodness of Indian herbs and rich essential oils. Taj facials and other beauty rituals will pamper your senses to the fullest.

PADA SNANA Spa Pedicure Duration - 75 mins
Taj revitalising pedicures commence with cleansing and nail grooming. Your feet are immersed in a warm aromatherapy footbath to soften any calluses, followed by an exfoliation. A pampering foot and calf massage leads you to a state of relaxation followed by a paraffin or nourishing mask application. The treatment ends with the application of our all-natural "Rasa" foot balm made from a special blend of Spearmint, Peppermint, Eucalyptus enriched with moisturising Patchouli, Neem and Clove oil, which revives and deeply moisturises your feet. The ultimate extravagance for weary soles.

HAST SNANA Spa Manicure Duration - 60 mins
Taj manicures begin with cleansing and nail grooming followed by an aromatherapy soak to soften hands and cuticles. This is followed with an exfoliation and a pampering massage to rejuvenate the hands, leaving them radiant and glowing. Paraffin or nourishing mask is then applied to restore its youthful appearance. The treatment is wrapped up with the application of our signature all-natural "Rasa" hand balm made from extracts of Papaya, Orange blossom, Vitamin E and Cardamom which revives and deeply moisturises your hands.

ANANA LEPA Facial Duration - 60 mins
Many Indian women use homemade recipes passed down from mother to daughter to nourish their families and their skin. Following this custom, we use fresh, all natural ingredients straight from the kitchen. This facial will also include a face massage that tones and nourishes the skin, making it healthier and leaving it with a natural glow


Yoga is an eternal science representing the universal need to evolve and transcend all limitations. Ancient mystics and seers discovered a way of connecting to the source of life within us. Taj Spa continues thistime-honoured tradition, abiding by the rules and practices of the Bihar School of Yoga - a holistic form of Yoga that integrates physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions equally. Group classes as well as individual sessions are offered. The individual session will be specially designed to suit your personal requirements and level of prior Yoga practice. A consultation with taj Yoga teacher will assist you in choosing the appropriate programme.

Level 1 Duration - 90 mins
A basic Yoga class covering a selection of Asana, Pranayama, Mudra and Bandha practices. You will also experience a short relaxation or meditation practice.

Level 2 Duration - 90 mins
The next level of Yoga, this is ideal for those who are in a healthy and fit physical condition. This too covers a selection of Asana, Pranayama, Mudra and Bandha practices, followed by a short meditation or relaxation.

DYNAMIC Duration - 90 mins
Dynamic practices involve Asanas primarily and often energetic movements of the body. These are intended to increase flexibility, stimulate circulation and release energy blocks from different parts of your body. Feel a renewed energy infusing tranquillity in your being. Bring your energised body to a state of calm with Pranayama (controlled breathing) and a short relaxation session.

SURYA NAMASKAR Sun Salutation Duration - 90 mins
Bring out your inner radiance with this special ancient Yoga sequence practice that pays tribute to the sun, a symbol of radiance and spiritual consciousness. An effective way to loosen up, stretch, massage and tone all the joints, muscles and internal organs of the body. A group of 12 dynamic Asanas form the physical matrix around which the practice is woven. Wrap up this invigorating session with Pranayama and short relaxation.

ADVANCED Duration - 90 mins
Static, classic Asanas will be performed, which have a profound influence on your pranic and mental well-being. With the appropriate guidance of our teachers, intermediate and advanced practitioners can also explore various Pranayama, Mudra and Bandha practices. Bring the session to a close with a short relaxation practice.

GENTLE Duration - 60 mins
As the name suggests, this group of Asanas is extremely gentle but works hard at loosening and rotating all major joints in the body. In this class of subtle Asana practice, Pawanmuktasana Part 1, you will experience the benefits of a series of anti-rheumatic exercises. An exclusive of the Bihar School of Yoga, these practices are recommended if vigorous physical exercise is not possible. End the session with a short relaxation or meditation practice.

RELAXATION Duration - 60 mins
Become aware of your body and breath with this calming Asana that helps you relax. It is this awareness, combined with the Asana practice that will have a profound effect on your wellbeing. Simple Asanas and Pranayamas will also be introduced in this session. The session will end with a short practice of meditation. Deep relaxation and rejuvenation characterise the theme of this class. In this class props could be used to support and open the body to restore energy, provide healing, release tension and soothe the mind. PRANAYAMA Flow of Breath Duration - 60 mins
Here you will appreciate the benefits and learn the techniques of Pranayama. Pranayama is an art and a technique to control the intake and outflow of breath and in the process expand the vital energy within us. Feel your breathing improve with this practice, which will make your lungs stronger, and also bring your nervous and pranic system into equilibrium. End the session with a short meditation or relaxation practice.

MUDRAS AND BANDHAS Psychic Gestures and Locks Duration - 60 mins
This session explores the significance of Mudras and Bandhas. Mudras can be described as psychic, emotional, devotional and aesthetic gestures or attitudes. Bandhas refer to a psychic locking action. Bandhas work to lock prana (the life force) in particular areas. Mudras and Bandhas combined with Pranayama create a powerful yogic practice to unlock the dormant potential within ourselves. The class includes a short relaxation or meditation practice.

These are practices of purification given in Hatha Yoga to purify and prepare the body for more advanced forms of Yoga practices. Shatkarma practices are excellent in alleviating diseases, and several chronic respiratory and digestive ailments. They also work on a psychological level to impart an inner feeling of lightness and wellbeing.

An early morning practice of cleansing the intestines by drinking saline water and performing a series of Asanas alternatively. The combination of the saline water and the peristaltic movement stimulated by the Asanas, work to wash and clear the intestines of underlying impurities. An extremely rejuvenating practice.

KUNJAL KRIYA Duration - 75 mins
A practice of cleansing the digestive tract, chest and stomach with saline water. On a physical level, this practice is exceptionally beneficial in alleviating chronic respiratory and digestive problems such as asthma and acidity. On a more subtle level, it works to release suppressed emotional and mental disturbances. The session ends with a meditation practice.

JALA NETI Duration - 60 mins
An ancient Indian Yoga technique of cleansing and purifying the nasal passages with saline water. Using a special neti pot, this process flushes the nostrils and clears the nasal passages. End with a short Pranayama session. This practice leaves you with a feeling of lightness and clarity, and is a panacea against colds and sinusitis. TRATAKA Duration - 30 mins
Trataka is a process of mental cleansing by intensely gazing at a point or object. Trataka is performed in the evenings by gazing at a candle flame. The practice enhances concentration and encourages contemplation. It is recommended to alleviate mental tension, anxiety, insomnia and depression.

YOGA NIDRA Yogic Relaxation Duration - 50 mins
Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness where one flits between sleep and wakefulness. It is a state of inner awareness wherein one communicates with the subconscious and the higher conscious. This practice relaxes the mind and the entire body through the awakening of the sense of hearing and feeling.

AJAPA JAPA Spontaneous Mantra Duration - 50 mins
This practice involves the spontaneous repetition of a mantra. You are made aware of the passage of breath through visualisation and the spontaneous mantra chant. This is an extraordinarily calming, soothing and therapeutic practice.

ANTAR MOUNA Inner Silence Duration - 50 mins
In this practice, one remains a silent witness of every thought that is traversing the mind. One focuses on what the mind is thinking, how it is reacting and what images are appearing from the subconscious. Antar Mouna teaches one to observe the process of the mind and to find ways to bring it under control.

HRIDAYAKASHA DHARANA Concentration on Heart Space Duration - 50 mins
In this practice, one can be guided to become aware of the heart space. One observes the heart space with the attitude of a witness watching one's prevailing and changing emotions. This practice allows us to communicate with our emotions and provides a detached space to view and express one's emotional being.

Spa Indulgence

We recommend contacting Taj Spa Manager who will be delighted to assist you with specially monitored spa treatments suited to your exclusive needs. As many treatments as you like, for as many hours or days as you like.

SOUNDARYA Beauty Duration - 5.00 hrs
Draw out your inner radiance.
. Begin with a deeply nourishing scrub and wrap of your choice
. Invigorate your senses with an indulgent Aromatherapy massage
. Then give your skin a natural glow with a nourishing Anana Lepa facial
. As a final touch, give in to a Spa Manicure and Pedicure, coupled with a cup of green tea and a fresh fruit

SUKHA Bliss Duration - 3.30 hrs
Soothe your senses and pamper your body.
. Begin with a deeply nourishing scrub and wrap of your choice
. Relieve sore muscles with our Indian powerful oil massage - Pehlwan Malish
. End with a basic spa facial

SVASHAKTI Duration - 3.00 hrs
Encounter spirituality, balance and inner peace.
. Commence with an hour of the Indian head massage - Champi
. Detox with our Indian Aromatherapy massage - Pavithri
. Relax with a one-hour Yoga session of your choice
. End with a refreshing wholesome fresh fruit juice

AJINV Refreshing Duration - 90 mins
For those short of time but in need of a quick pick-me-up.
. Enjoy a 30 minute foot massage - Pada Mardana
. Follow it up with half-hour of our Indian head massage - Champi
. End with a hair wash and blow dry

SOMA Nectar of Gods Duration - 2.00 hrs
Two therapists will perform a romantic, candle-lit Indian Aromatherapy massage, using evocative oils to set the mood. After this indulgent massage, you can enjoy a rose petal bath together and some exclusive time alone with a bottle of champagne.

ABHISARANA Rendezvous of Romance Duration - 90 mins
Relax with a 1-hour Indian Aromatherapy massage of your choice. Then take a dip in our plunge pool to romance your senses. Stimulate your taste buds with the freshly-prepared aromatic hors d'oeuvre. Lastly, quench your thirst with a wholesome fresh juice.

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